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Savlon Twinkle Baby Belt Diaper XL (11-25 kg ) 32 Pcs

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NeoCare Baby Diaper Small Premium 50pcs, weight 3-6kg

Original price was: ৳ 1,200.00.Current price is: ৳ 800.00.
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Avonee Baby Diaper Pants L 9-14 kg

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Avonee Baby Diaper Pants L 9-14 kg

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Product Description

Origin: Bangladesh

Avonee pant style diapers are light and dry. They come with a 360-degree comfort fit guaranteed by their flexible waistbands. The dual leak guard system and highest power super absorbent Guarantee up to 12 hours absorption without any leakage. There are 4 breathable layers in each diaper to prevent diaper rash. There is a color-changing wetness indicator to warn you when your baby needs a diaper change.

Manufacturer: Unimax industries Ltd.

Size: L

Allowable weight of baby: 9-14 kg

Quantity : 34 pieces

Wetness indicator: Yes

Pant system.


Avonee Diaper has strengthned transferring layer prevent the fluid.

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