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Senora Confidence Sanitary Napkin Regular Flow (Panty System) 10pcs

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Senora Panty Sanitary Napkin-15 Pads 15Pcs

Original price was: ৳ 130.00.Current price is: ৳ 105.00.
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Senora Sanitary Napkin (Belt System) 10 Pads

Original price was: ৳ 100.00.Current price is: ৳ 82.00.

  • Absorbs large volume of fluid
  • Instantly soaks
  • Ensure maximum dry-feel.
  • 10 pads in a packet
  • Pleasant fragrance

Company Name: Square Toiletries Limited

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The word ‘sanitary’ means clean or hygienic. So that’s exactly what a sanitary napkin does or should do – take care of the menstrual flow in a safe, hygienic way. Senora Regular offers advanced and full absorbency protection to women. The extra-long Senora XL ensures full protection from dryness for long hours. So step ahead girls, without worrying about leakage ever. Senora is committed to ensuring health and hygiene for women- once they are free from worrying about health they can achieve all other things they want in life.


Air laid paper, PE Film, Sterilized pulp, Non-woven Fabric, HMA & Silicon Release Paper.

Direction of Use

1. Before use, place two knots on the two extra edges of the napkin. The higher the knot distance from the main pad, the better to use.
2. According to the picture, Push two A loops of the elastic belt to strict two knots of the napkin. Keep in mind, the light pink color (Blue colored line) of the plastic shield must be in the lower position.
3. Now wear it like the picture and pull it to the waist, and tighter your waist accordingly as per the loop shown in the picture.
4. Do not throw the napkin pad into the commode/pan after use.
5. Throw it into the dustbin by wrapping it with paper or tissue.

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