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Senora Panty Sanitary Napkin-15 Pads 15Pcs

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Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Napkin (XL Wings) 15Pads

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Whisper Maxi Fit Sanitary Napkin (L wings) 15 Pads

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Sanitary Napkin / Pad 15-pcs./ Maxi Fit whisper. L wings

Manufacturer Name: Procter and Gamble Bangladesh PVT Ltd

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Product Description

Whisper Maxi Fit Regular Pads

Whisper Max Fit Regular Pad is specially designed for women with an active lifestyle and ensures protection during heavy flow days and gives a silk and comfortable touch.

Key features:

  • Gives silk a comfortable touch.
  • Soft and comfortable napkins Pack of 15 pads Come with a quick easy wrap to dispose of.
  • Super Fit Cushion fits the body and absorbs at the center
  • Based on consumer & technical data generated by P&G
  • Extra Long Length & Wider Back for extra protection against front and back leaks
  • Dry Weave Top sheet keeps you feeling clean & dry throughout your period
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